Still Life

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My shot of the week is from Bruce, his bottle and glass shot.

jackd No Grad-026

I’ve done the retouch in a sort of illustrative style and we will look at this on Saturday 11th when we next meet at Perseverance Works.

The working images below show the layers including adjustment layers, and I have of course saved all the selections.

I’m expecting everybody to have made an attempt at the gin bottle image, including getting a full white background as we discussed during the last Tandem class.

Whilst noting that making paths, selections, drop shadows etc. are not required in the assignment it is essential in industry that these processes are understood, so please try and have a go.


All the Screenflow “How To Films ” are on our Sprout page so please take the time to have a look.

I’ll also feature the retouch process in our “Show and Tell” section of the class this week using these two images.

Thanks for the heads up from Geraint for spotting this, Eamonn McCabe celebrates Britain’s greatest photographers, sees how science allowed their art to develop, and explores how they have captured our changing lives and country. BBC4 @ 9.00.

I’ll be trying a new feature this weekend to help with assignment writing, we’ll have a recorded discussion on the technical approach required to achieve the assignment brief, this will be available later as a podcast on our Sprout channel, password required.

As some may already know the Photography Show at the NEC is soon to be on and I found an interesting selection of images, please take the time to have a look.

See you Saturday. PK