RPS membership

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Remember to renew your RPS membership which will bring many benefits including the opportunity to fast track to an ARPS distinction upon successful completion of the course. New students are also recommended to join.



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Congratulations to my friend Dave Culmer, whose Sky team won the Bafta for Sports media this week. A great pal with a brilliant eye for imaging.

Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society

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We are delighted to announce that Mandy, who recently completed the HND with us, has been awarded the LRPS distinction by the RPS. She now can use the letters after her name. This distinction award is open to all our successful completing students. She emailed me…..

Hi Mike
I have just heard from the RPS that I have been awarded the LRPS!!
Now I have got that, I have decided to work towards putting a body of work together for the ARPS! Could take a while but hopefully I will get there!
Thanks again for all your help with this!

Saturday 8th April

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Shot of the week is by yours, well from me.

I used still images as a sort of polaroid to balance lights and fill before I shot video.

We’ll look at light balancing and small fills plus again custom white balance when we come to shoot people in the studio to drop onto a stock image back ground


Its important we get to Perseverance Works on time this Saturday as we’ll be heading down to the city to pick up some background images for the first two hours, then heading back to the studio for a review of what has been shot plus show and tell.

From the best shots, we’ll look at lighting a model to drop into a back ground.

This is a key skill in modern photgraphy so well worth the effort please come prepared.

I had some very nice words from one of our alumni who is now making her way in the business after completing her HNC with Tandem

Delphine Lemarinier Paul, I hope you are proud of me :) There is still a long road but I’m working hard. You must be proud of the impact you have on your students.”

You can see more of Delphine’s work here 

We are right in the middle of stacks of great work being shown on the web and at exhibitions.

Here are a few links

The V&A announces a new Photography Centre in London

Lens Culture

Impressive Adobe Algorithm Transfers One Photo’s Style Onto Another

This one could be a game changer when it becomes available to us all.

The Greatest War Photographer You’ve Never Heard Of

and finally a great selection of images on the BBC site 

Joel Meyerowitz and Tandem students

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You have a unique opportunity to join a masterclass with Joel Meyerowitz, one of the greatest photographers in the world.

Joel is in London in early April and you have the chance to have him discuss your work with you and also tell you about his own work, face to face.

Joel is a wonderful, warm, open hearted genius and he will be constructive and informative.

Contact Mike for further details.

shot of the week

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Italian Country 2

Here is one of Beth’s HND assignment 3 images. Assignment 3 concentrated on advertising photography. Here we have a wine poster for Waitrose. A competently lit and executed shot with appropriate space for the copy. Well researched in terms of style and content.



Still Life

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My shot of the week is from Bruce, his bottle and glass shot.

jackd No Grad-026

I’ve done the retouch in a sort of illustrative style and we will look at this on Saturday 11th when we next meet at Perseverance Works.

The working images below show the layers including adjustment layers, and I have of course saved all the selections.

I’m expecting everybody to have made an attempt at the gin bottle image, including getting a full white background as we discussed during the last Tandem class.

Whilst noting that making paths, selections, drop shadows etc. are not required in the assignment it is essential in industry that these processes are understood, so please try and have a go.


All the Screenflow “How To Films ” are on our Sprout page so please take the time to have a look.

I’ll also feature the retouch process in our “Show and Tell” section of the class this week using these two images.

Thanks for the heads up from Geraint for spotting this, Eamonn McCabe celebrates Britain’s greatest photographers, sees how science allowed their art to develop, and explores how they have captured our changing lives and country. BBC4 @ 9.00.

I’ll be trying a new feature this weekend to help with assignment writing, we’ll have a recorded discussion on the technical approach required to achieve the assignment brief, this will be available later as a podcast on our Sprout channel, password required.

As some may already know the Photography Show at the NEC is soon to be on and I found an interesting selection of images, please take the time to have a look.

See you Saturday. PK






external inspection

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We have just finished the second of our annual external inspection visits from the awarding body. And once again we are delighted to report that the outcome was successful, with a first class report from the external verifier. Many of our areas of excellence were flagged up, these included our Royal Photographic Society affiliation, visits to exhibitions and high quality teaching. The students were interviewed and gave hugely positive feedback to the inspector.

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Saturday 25th February

at Perseverance Works The Creative Hub of Shoreditch

Still Life, looking forward to seeing a selection of images at Show and Tell, 3-5 per student please. Remember it’s important you show work during this part of the day as  it’s key to the continual work assessment and you benefit from peer group review i.e. you get to talk about your work and explain your thinking to your class mates.

Shot of the week is from Anneke and her trip to China


You can see more of the series here on Anneke Instagram page  may well be worth a follow….

Been seeing some very encouraging still life work come in on both HNC and HND, so well done to Bruce, Beth and Erica. Please also look at the rest of this assigment which includes professional practice, as ever we base our approach on AoP’s Beyond the Lens  book, all who undertake HNC & HND with Tandem get their comp copy  so please read it and look at  Copyright 4 Clients   on the website, it’s an excellent guide, especially for those who have started shooting and are enjoying getting paid for their work.

There are a number of very good shows on in London and I’m going to get down to the Barbican to see this conceptual documentary work by Richard Mosse so if you fancy coming along let me know and we can get a group outing underway.

By chance I came across a selection of images hosted by Metro on line, Unemployed youth in Thatchers Britain  which I know is popular at Tandem Education.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday




Still Life & Focus Stacking

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Shot of the week is by Cassie with her first sortie into the still life genre

Chanel Perfume Cassie

As mentioned before there is a Screen Flow on how to Focus Stack on our Sprout channel (Password required) so please visit, and try the process.

This is an essential technique for extending depth of field DoF.

On the photography side the above image was shot with one light (back lit)  in a small light tent with the addition of just one white reflector out front, great start Cassie.

Sony World Photography Awards & Martin Parr – 2017 Exhibition

I will be arranging a trip to the above, so if interested please contact me on my usual email address and we can make a plan, all alumni welcome.

On professional practice we will be looking at Copyright 4 clients by The AoP there is of course the excellent Beyond The Lens book, that you will require at the next lesson.

The quiz will also feature questions on Professional Practice, so please read.

Good luck to Anneke on her trip to China as one of the winners of the Huawei Don’t Snapshot competition 

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My Shot of the week this week is from Elizabeth our HND student who took a trip down the

Collodion process route


You’ll see from the shot of Elizabeth in action that the kit involved has a sort of retro feel and is made of wood,  it requires considerable prep and care in setting up, not certain if this technique is available for focus stacking and HDR .

I shall be preparing a short Sprout film on Focus Stacking in Photoshop and we will also look at this process in other software on Saturday.

Those interested in image competitions my want to consider The AoP student awards entering and winning Photography competitions is one way to get off the ground within the industry, although you will have to pay to enter.

As mentioned before one excellent way of researching still life work is looking at others work.

Have a quick look here at Helen Fickling an AoP member or search AoP’s find a Photographer 

Please remember that show and tell can feature work that has inspired you, so start to prepare your images for Saturday, see you then



Notes from Paul on still life shooting

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Some class notes from Saturday:

The main factor governing successful still life photography is preparation, planning and attention to detail.
You need to source the perfect product be it fruit, wine label, jewellery or packaging.
You should not look to your post-production processing skills to rescue an image but enhance what you have captured.

Always use a custom white balance and never a preselected or auto option.
Consider in depth the amount of focus required, if the image is for cut out and maybe requires a drop shadow, focus may well need to be front to back thus providing a crisp sharp line for your selection tool and process.

A steady camera stand / tripod is vital as if you are shooting with continuous light source.

Never lean reflectors against objects on set always clip or clamp them with either helping hand clips or Climpex / lab stands.

And finally never break the set down until you have processed out and are satisfied that final selected image is perfect.

Remember a successful still life image maker is someone who takes the set down and starts again who won’t settle for ” that’ll do” but keep going towards perfection.
Which of course is a journey and not an event.


Saturday 28th January

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The new assignment starts on Saturday 28th January at Perseverance Works Shoreditch.
We will be introducing assignment 3 for HNC and HND. Distance learners are very welcome to attend if they wish.

This will look at Still Life Photography using small home type of set ups.

We will be using Light tents, off camera flashes and continuous lighting, reflectors and of course custom white balances.

We will also take a look at extending depth of field via multiple exposures, thus getting focus from the front of the image to back.

fruit bowl

We will also look at the need for extensive prep for still life. Whilst the image here by Michael and Beth has been nicely lit it would have been greatly enhanced by selecting better products, It’s all in the prep.

After Class I’m planning a trip down to Tate Modern to see The Elton John portrait collection, all are welcome to come along.

See you Saturday

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Brilliant news from our Tandem Student Anneke von Anka

PhotographyEncouraged1476 copy

In her own words:

“I guess I can make it official now; I am going to China in February because I am one of the nine finalists of Huawei´s photo competition Don’t Snap Shoot. Mobile photography for the win : If you don’t know my instagram yet please have a look at www.instagram.com/paintingby to see what I do with my phone. I am looking forward to meet the other 8 talented photographers and of course to explore China.”


See you on Saturday for your next assignment, should you wish to accept it :-)

Saturday 28th January assignment 3

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The new assignment starts on Saturday 28th January at Paul’s studio in Shoreditch.
We will be introducing assignment 3 for HNC and HND. Distance learners are very welcome to attend if they wish. Please let me know if you are a distance learner and plan to attend, so that we can plan for your support on the day.
I will email the appropriate assignment brief ahead of the day, so that you can look through for potential questions.
Thank you to those who submitted for assignment 1, HNC and HND. All who submitted have achieved at least a pass. We are just awaiting formal verification, then your assessment sheets will be forwarded to you.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 28th.
Cheers Mike

Photojournalism assignment

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First off just wanted to say a huge thanks to Louis for leading us through the Photojournalism assignment, I know how much we all enjoyed it.

Now all you have to do is submit your work, a process new to some.

Borough 1500@75-06763

On my recent trip to Washington DC I came across this sign in an art gallery, a sentiment shared by Tandem especially at submission time.

PhotographyEncouraged1476I’m about to produce a couple of short films which will be up loaded to our Sprout viewing platform, they will be on Opening a Jpeg with Raw File Filter and How to produce a Contact Sheet in CC.

Please contact me via email if the is anything else you are stuck with image processing wise and good luck with the submission.

I’m arranging a Tandem trip to see the Taylor Wessing portraits so please let me know if you’d like to join me.







Saturday 14th January, teaching plan

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IMG_0827Students should  bring their projects (ideas if leaving it very late)  thus far completed so that they can  present  them and consider what else needs to be done before submission.  We will  also be looking at some of the other skills necessary for photojournalism including synopsis writing, captioning and key wording, understanding  photography  markets, ethics.

January start

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Tandem are now recruiting for late January HNC course. We have a couple of places available for our Saturday, January 28th HNC start. Also on that date, we begin our HND classes.


Royal Photographic Society

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We are delighted to have confirmation that Tandem has become an affiliated institution with the RPS. This brings many benefits and advantages for our students. One of which is a much speedier process to achieve LRPS distinction, once they have gained the HNC or HND with us.




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consulting with the tutor

December 17th

The third session for our photojournalism assignment. The last time out, the tutor, photo journalist Louis Quail, took the students to Borough Market to use the skills taught for capturing environmental portraits. Today Louis is feeding back on those images and running another exercise in location photography.