Student feedback:

My time at Tandem has been productive, informative and definitely a learning curve. Mike and Paul have a wealth of knowledge and experience which they generously share with students.
The course has helped me to develop my skills, build my confidence and secure work within the field.
The fact that it is run by practicing photographers has made all the difference in preparing me for the realities of a career in photography.

Erica HNC 2016, HND 2017 


This is my second year studying photography as a distance learner with Tandem College and I am very happy with my learning experience! I have obtained the HNC and I am now studying for an HND. Next, I will study a photography top-up BA (hons) at university.

The first thing that I liked is that I studied different areas of photography. The assignments were really interesting and allowed me to acquire knowledge of or skill in the studied subjects.

Also, the assignments given to me really let me be creative and do things that I liked. When studying the diverse areas of photography, I could for most of them link it with what I would like to specialise in the future, animal photography.

For example, on the portraiture assignment, I did people portraits but also dog portraits. Then, on the documentary assignment, I followed and photographed people working with cats and dogs. For the studio, I photographed dog accessories and made an optional series “Head in the water” with my dog where she plunged her head in the water in order to catch dogs’ food.

This has permitted me to shoot a lot of creative images that I can show in my portfolio.

Also, I really enjoyed the professional orientation of this course which has already proved to be useful. I have made a website, a business card, a logo and recently a business plan. I am now represented by Monda Gallery.

I also highly appreciated the fact that the assignments helped me to grow my social network. For example, I have interviewed a photographer in my chosen area for my last assignment, it was an enriching and interesting experiences.

Furthermore, the teachers always respond when you need help and advice! Tandem tutors are truly awesome!

To finish, I would say that everything that I have learned when doing my assignments are and will be helpful for me in the future. I absolutely recommend Tandem College to anyone who wishes to develop his knowledge and practice in order to pursue a career in photography!

Thank you very much Tandem College!

Aurelie HNC 2016, HND 2017


I have studied both the HNC and HND with Tandem College and it has been the best decision I have made to study with them. I have been able to fit the course around my job and other commitments. My tutors have been supportive and challenged me to achieve my potential. The teaching has been outstanding with current practitioners teaching up to date skills, both with the photography and postproduction. I have seen my own practice improve enormously and feel confident to work professionally. This course has thoroughly prepared me for the industry. I cannot recommend it enough!
Beth, HNC and HND student 2017.

I can’t imagine a course more carefully structured, more thorough or more supportive. Photography is challenging and learning from professional photographers who really care and understand that we all need to develop in different ways, gave me the confidence I needed to meet the challenges and take control of my pictures . Thank you Tandem for caring, inspiring and making it not just possible but hugely enjoyable along the way.
Michael, HNC student, 2017.


This is a great course for someone seeking a recognised qualification while continuing to work.  The modular structure is clear and provides a strong focus on each aspect of photography in turn.  For a relative beginner it is a stretching experience but as the modules progress, it is extremely satisfying to realise how far you have come.  Be prepared to put in a lot of effort and I would advise students to learn some of the basics of post-production (e.g. Lightroom or Photoshop) before the course starts.  The strongest aspect of the course is the tutorial team. Tutors Mike, Paul and Louis offer an informal approach.  I found them very responsive, flexible and supportive with a good sense of humour and positive in their criticism.   The tutorials are based in Paul’s working studio in London which is easily accessible by underground.  The teaching groups are small which means you can get to know your fellow  students, learn from them and stay in touch.  I did have a criticism. I found Tandem’s IT interface rather inadequate on my course but as you will see, they have since made huge improvements and the current offering is much more effective so full marks continuous improvement.  This is a very worthwhile course.
John HNC student 2017


My technical ability improved 100%
Having been a keen photographer for many years, I felt it was the right time to take my hobby to the next level. Tandem College offered the opportunity to do an HNC and HND via distance learning. The units have been interesting, well paced and my technical ability has improved 100%. The tutors are very knowledgeable, helpful and are always available via email, phone or video conferencing. I have gained a massive amount of experience this year and feel that I am now better equipped to achieve my goal of being a freelance photographer.
Mandy, HNC and HND student 2015-2017.

Being a student at Tandem has made me feel more confident and knowledgable about commercial photography the industry, and photography as a whole. I have been looking for a course that has a lot of hands on experience and tutors that are full of knowledge and experience and always there to help, even if it is just the basic things, and I can honesty say they are always there to give advice and help. Tandem offers inspirational tutors and seminars where professionals come and speaks about their work and experiences. Having access to a range of high quality equipment and learning how to use it for different setups and products is very usefully and having detailed technical knowledge is important.
Kim HNC student

I can honestly say Everything they had promised had been fulfilled if not a great deal more. Face to face interaction in a small learning environment, the opportunity to work and learn studio skill sets, location, editing, selling your work, lectures by industry recognised photographers and guided to develop my own passion. I learned trade secrets from my tutors who have been in the business for many years and all the dos and don’t. I really feel this gave us an edge above all others as we were being taught the best knowledge gained by them and by the end of this course I was able to not only gain confidence but also ready to start as a freelance Photographer. I’ve gained the knowledge to build a business and through the different assignments learns skills I could never have imaged which have only built me not just as a Photographer but also as a person. The 8 months required self discipline, organisation and determination to succeed. Learning all areas of Photography gave me the confidence to know the goal and ambition I had at the start was definitely the path for me. Towards the end of my course I started to apply for position as a full time Interior Photographer and having produced a good portfolio of images I had worked on over the months and mention of my course I was lucky enough to be selected for a full time position with Datography who are a fast London growing photography firm that specialise in interior photography but also expand into events, portrait and product photography. Working with a fantastic team and post production department I’m able to do what I do best and create Photography both for estate agent and magazine sale. A great company package and excellent starting point which can only lead to a better future.
Sabana HNC student

Edexcel Centre Review Report
‘Excellent example of a vocational course based in a real life setting. The QN and his team’s industry contacts as well as up to date equipment available for learners to use enables a real focus on skills needed for industry. This is set within a quality assurance setting for the rigours of an academic qualification.’