Saturday 8th April

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Shot of the week is by yours, well from me.

I used still images as a sort of polaroid to balance lights and fill before I shot video.

We’ll look at light balancing and small fills plus again custom white balance when we come to shoot people in the studio to drop onto a stock image back ground


Its important we get to Perseverance Works on time this Saturday as we’ll be heading down to the city to pick up some background images for the first two hours, then heading back to the studio for a review of what has been shot plus show and tell.

From the best shots, we’ll look at lighting a model to drop into a back ground.

This is a key skill in modern photgraphy so well worth the effort please come prepared.

I had some very nice words from one of our alumni who is now making her way in the business after completing her HNC with Tandem

Delphine Lemarinier Paul, I hope you are proud of me :) There is still a long road but I’m working hard. You must be proud of the impact you have on your students.”

You can see more of Delphine’s work here 

We are right in the middle of stacks of great work being shown on the web and at exhibitions.

Here are a few links

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Impressive Adobe Algorithm Transfers One Photo’s Style Onto Another

This one could be a game changer when it becomes available to us all.

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and finally a great selection of images on the BBC site